About Us

About Us

About Election@Bard

The Center for Civic Engagement, in partnership with the Andrew Goodman Foundation, sponsors the Election@Bard initiative.

What We Do

Voting is one of the most fundamental rights in a democratic society and we encourage all students to exercise the right to vote. The initiative facilitates voter registration for students, provides information about candidates, hosts forums in which candidates and students can meet, and protects the rights of students to vote and have their votes counted. Beginning in the year 2014, the initiative is led annually by Bard's Vote Everywhere Ambassador, an undergraduate selected by the Center for Civic Engagement and the Andrew Goodman Foundation. In 2015, a second Vote Everywhere Ambassador position was added to expand campus outreach efforts.

Eva-Marie Quinones '17

Co-Director, Election@Bard
Team Leader, Vote Everywhere Ambassadors

Eva-Marie Quinones is a rising senior joint majoring in Economics and Global and International Studies. She has been working with Election@Bard since her sophomore year, and has been Team Leader of the Vote Everywhere Ambassadors, a subsidiary program of the Andrew Goodman Foundation, since January 2016. Her primary focus involves voter registration, on campus programming, and moving the District 5 polling site to the Bard College campus. 

Connor Boehme'17

Co- Director, Election@Bard
Democracy Matters Intern

Connor Boehme is a rising senior majoring in Political Studies and Literature. He brings years of experience to the initiative from working on political campaigns in New York City. Connor is excited for the opportunity to help his peers become more politically engaged. His primary focus includes voter registration, campaign finance reform, outreach to local officials, and moving the District 5 polling site on campus. 

Jess Zaccagnino '17

Jess Zaccagnino is a senior majoring in Human Rights and concentrating in Global and International Studies. She has been involved in politics since she started attending Board of Education meetings in her hometown throughout high school and has since worked on numerous campaigns in Connecticut and New York State. She has been a member of Election@Bard since her sophomore year and has been an Andrew Goodman Vote Everywhere Ambassador since May 2016. Her primary interests are voter registration, student engagement, campaign finance reform, and mobilizing absentee voters. 

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