About Us

About Us

About Election@Bard

The Center for Civic Engagement, in partnership with the Andrew Goodman Foundation, sponsors the Election@Bard initiative.

What We Do

Voting is one of the most fundamental rights in a democratic society and we encourage all students to exercise the right to vote. The initiative facilitates voter registration for students, provides information about candidates, hosts forums in which candidates and students can meet, and protects the rights of students to vote and have their votes counted. Beginning in the year 2014, the initiative is led annually by Bard's Vote Everywhere Ambassador, an undergraduate selected by the Center for Civic Engagement and the Andrew Goodman Foundation. In 2015, a second Vote Everywhere Ambassador position was added to expand campus outreach efforts.

Ava Mazzye '20

Director, Election@Bard
Team Leader, Vote Everywhere Ambassador

Ava Mazzye is a sophomore at Bard College, and intends to major in Political Studies and concentrate in Latin American & Iberian Studies. In the summer of 2017, Ava became Team Leader of the Vote Team Leader of the Vote Everywhere Ambassadors, a subsidiary program of the Andrew Goodman Foundation. In her position, Ava focuses on registering, educating and engaging college-aged voters.

Carly Hickey '18

Club Head, Election@Bard
Ambassador, Vote Everywhere 

Carly Hickey is a senior at Bard College, and majors in Asian Studies concentrating in Chinese Language and Literature. In the summer of 2017, Carly worked at the Bard Center for Civic Engagement as the Office Intern. While working for the CCE, she often volunteered with Election@Bard in helping register first-year students, transfer, and returning students to vote. Through this experience, she has realized the importance of registering students to vote and is dedicated in engaging and educating young student voters.  

Kathy Gaweda '21

Spring 2018 Intern, Election@Bard

Kathy is a freshman intending to major in Global and International Studies.
"It probably sounds cliche but voting is a tool through which we can make our voices heard. It reminds me that although politics feels like some elusive force it has the power to change our lives and we in turn have to power to change it."

Sadia Saba '21

Spring 2018 Intern

Sadia Saba intends to major in Global and International Studies with a concentration in Human Rights.
"Voting to me is not only a duty but a privilege we have as Americans, one that many people still do not have globally. Political participation is crucial in influencing the decisions that people in power make for us. It is critical we exercise this right so that our voices are heard."

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