As a college student, you face a choice when you arrive on campus: vote where you attend school and live for the majority of the year, or vote absentee in your hometown, where you may be more familiar with the political scene. College marks the first time many young people are eligible to vote, and choices made at that time affect their long-term voting habits. The younger a person is when they develop the habit of voting, the more likely they are to vote regularly.

Election@Bard Blog

Voter Registration

Voter registration is made available to all first-year students during the check-in on arrival day. Sponsored by Bard’s Center for Civic Engagement, faculty, staff, students, and local community volunteers help students register to vote locally or in their hometown. Students may not realize that they have the option to vote at the ballot while studying at Bard. This right was protected by law in 2004, when Bard and Vassar students joined efforts to challenge illegal voter suppression activities in Dutchess County.

Where to Register

Not sure where to register? Consider upcoming elections in your hometown or state and evaluate your options. Is there an upcoming contentious vote that you want to weigh in on? Do you feel strongly about a candidate or want to show your support to your party? Current Dutchess County races include seats on the Red Hook Town Board, Judiciary, and County Legislature, and the race for Dutchess County supervisor.

If you are abroad, click here to learn more about overseas voting.

Why Vote?

Voting is one of the most fundamental rights in a democratic society; we want to do everything we can to encourage all students to exercise their right to vote.

Bard's Position

Bard encourages all students to vote, and the Center for Civic Engagement sponsors Election@Bard to support student voting, either at the ballot box or absentee. Voter registration information includes links to registration forms, local and national resources, and local and state representatives.

2013 Voter Registration Information

Please consult the U.S. Vote Foundation for more in-depth information on registration and voting procedures for each state. Download

Dutchess County 2013 Ballot

Have you ever voted before? Are you familiar with this year's ballot? Make sure to look at the ballot before going to the polls. Find information on Dutchess County candidates here and review the ballot.