• Connor Boehme '17 and Carl Amritt '17 registering students to vote!

    Connor Boehme '17 and Carl Amritt '17 registering students to vote!
  • D.C. Shadow Senator Paul Strauss visits Bard!

    D.C. Shadow Senator Paul Strauss visits Bard!
  • Upper College Voter Registration!

    Upper College Voter Registration!
  • Isabel Torgove '18 

    Isabel Torgove '18 
1 Connor Boehme '17 and Carl Amritt '17 registering students to vote!2 D.C. Shadow Senator Paul Strauss visits Bard!3 Upper College Voter Registration!4 Isabel Torgove '18 5

Election@Bard is a non-partisan voting rights initiative.

As a college student, you face a choice when you arrive on campus: vote where you attend school and live for the majority of the year, or vote absentee in your hometown, where you may be more familiar with the political scene. College marks the first time many young people are eligible to vote, and developing the habit of voting has a profound impact on political involvement beyond college. Election@Bard works to increase voter turnout by registering voters, developing elections-based programming to foster civic engagement, and fighting for voting rights.

Registering on or off campus

All voter registrations are due October 10.

To Register or Re Register go to: http://election.bard.edu/register/.  Deadline for voter registration is October 10.

Below is a list of Registered on-Campus Voters in Red Hook District 5 as of September 23, 2016.

Intend to vote on campus and are not on the Red Hook District 5 Active Voter list? Complete a new registration form. It is possible that there was an error with your previous form. You may register at http://election.bard.edu/register/ or receive assistance at civic@bard.edu.

Moved off-campus and still on this list?  You MUST re-register.  Students must vote in the district where they live (Red Hook has 8 districts in total). Failure to re-register may disqualify your vote. Re-register at http://election.bard.edu/register/ or email civic@bard.edu. 

Questions?  E-mail civic@bard.edu.

The 90/90 Initiative

This semester, Election@Bard and the CCE have partnered to form the 90/90 Initiative. The 90/90 Initiative has two voting targets: Register more than 90% of all eligible students to vote, and see more than 90% voter turnout in the November 2016 elections. We recognize this is a lofty goal, and we can't do it without you. Make sure you're registered to vote, and make sure you're registered for an absentee ballot (policies differ by state) if you registered in your hometown and won't be there for the election. Then, get out the vote! 

Voter Registration

Our services are made available to all first-year and upper college students during the check-in process. In 2015, during first-year check-in, 225 students registered to vote with us. This figure represents nearly 60% of eligible voters in the Class of 2019.